LEAD Nigeria Fellowship Program

The LEAD Nigeria fellowship program is designed to provide 5 selected Diaspora Nigerians, committed to Nigerian public service with the opportunity to participate, intern, volunteer or work on a program of choice in Nigeria for 8-10 weeks annually

Applicants are selected based on their interests in promoting and advocating programs aimed at youth empowerment, leadership development, entrepreneurship, media, healthcare, education and vocational skills training, providing an in-depth understanding of issues threatening the survival and development of youths and young people in Nigerian with an intensive mentoring and training approach.

Applicants will work with highly committed and accomplished organizations and youth leaders working collaboratively to motivate and inspire their fellow peers in leading programs, projects and initiatives to empower their communities for both social and behavioral change.
LEAD Nigeria Fellows will;

  • Earn a $1,000 professional development grant for their up keep and maintenance during their stay in Nigeria
  • Receive Comfortable housing/accommodation during the 8-10 weeks stay in Nigeria
  • Directly connected to an ongoing internship project, initiative, program, company or support in designing a project for implementation during their stay
  • Networking opportunities with committed and accomplished youth leaders and activists in Nigeria working closely for national development